"Donate A Prize To Our Webmaster / Online Business Owner Contestants & Gain Maximum Free Publicity..."

If you have a prize and/or prizes that you would appeal to our webmaster / online business owner contestants, then in exchange for donating it to the prize pool, we'll give you a ton of free publicity.

We're currently pumping 3,000+ new subscribers through the "Win A Mailing List promotion" per day, receiving over 10,000 unique visitors per day, and are fast climbing in the Alexa ranks.

At the rate we're going, by the end of this promotion we estimate to have generated an additional 90,000 new subscribers to our publications via this promotion. How would you like free advertising to those 90,000 new subscribers and our website visitors at no cost?

Here's the deal...

In exchange for you donating a prize to the prize pool, you're "prize provided by LINK" will be placed next to said prize on the prize pool page. Furthermore, as the prize pool grows, we will regularly be emailing our contests to let them know. As such, when we mention the prizes you've donated, you'll receive the same "prize provided by LINK" next to it's description in these messages.

At the end of the promotion, you will also receive the same exposure out to the total mailing list when we issue your donated prizes out to the selected winners and announce or grand prize winners. You can beat free exposure like that.

Prizes we are currently looking for include (but not limited to)...

  • Lifetime Web Hosting

  • Professional Website Design / Re-Design

  • Website Promotion & Marketing Software

  • Marketing Related Manuals, Special Reports etc.

  • Anything Else That Would Appeal...

If you're interested, please email me and let me know what you would like to offer (including quantity) for consideration. Prizes must of course be high quality and will be accepted at the sole description of the fellas running this promotion.

Look forward to hearing from you soon...

Sincerely always,

Duncan Carver - Win A Mailing List

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Duncan Carver & Shawn Casey